Thursday, January 03, 2008

Angie Manriquez Needs Help Saving Dogs Of West Dallas

If you are involved in animal rescue in the Metroplex, then you probably know who Angie Manriquez is. If you aren’t, let me briefly tell you that Angie is a kind-hearted MAC volunteer who has worked tirelessly for many years to save the neglected pets and strays of West Dallas.Angie picks up dogs with some of the most pathetic cases of abuse or neglect that I have ever seen; and like all of us, Angie needs financial help with all these rescues, However, Angie’s situation is different from most of us in that she lives only on social security, and a few donations sent her way.

I have photographed some of the saddest looking dogs for her in the past, and the truth is that many of these dogs are basically unadoptable due to a history of neglect, and from either bad socialization, or none at all. These particular dogs usually end up staying with Angie for the rest of their lives.A while back Angie picked up this little guy in a field. He has been named Copper. He was probably dumped because of his skin condition, or simply because his owners just didn’t care about him (which is so often the case). His eye had been punctured by something sharp—either accidentally or intentionally—and has now been surgically removed. He has gone thru a battery of tests, and luckily he does not have mange, but he is getting treatment for the skin condition and his front leg is twisted.

Angie needs help with her vet bills, as she cannot continue to help rescue and place these dogs without the help of people like you. No amount is too large or too small, and you could even ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers to chip in as well.Angie has two accounts, one at both City Vets here in Dallas. She needs help with both, but has asked that if anyone can donate, that they please help her pay down her debt at the Oak Lawn location first. Probably the easiest way to donate would be to phone in a credit card donation. Or you can mail a check in if you prefer.

The clinics are:

City Vet
2727 Oak Lawn AveDallas, TX 75219214.219.2838Ask for Wendy

City Vet Uptown3101 McKinney Ave
Suite 105Dallas, TX 75204214.953.1001

Angie is very well known (and thought of) at both clinics. The veterinarians and the clinic staff see her frequently and they are aware of what she does through her ministry for these forgotten and abused animals.

Angie's vehicle is on its last legs - 159,000+ miles and leaking everything. She bought it as a used car a few years ago and she has driven it many miles in her ministry of caring for the helpless. When it finally stops, hundreds of animals will immediately cease receiving food or care. With no transportation, Angie will not be able to help them at all. Please keep Angie, and especially the animals that she helps, in mind if you know of anyone who may be in a position to donate a vehicle as this year ends.

Angie’s commitment to the animals and her courage in the face of so much danger and cruelty in West Dallas is well known by many rescuers. She has been written about in the Dallas Morning News, is frequently mentioned on Larry Powell’s blog and a few years ago, she was given the Kindness Award by Operation Kindness. Any help that she receives is of direct benefit to the animals who so desperately need it.

-AdoptADallasPet Blog Moderator