Wednesday, July 18, 2007

8,355 Spay/Neuters - Countless Lives Saved!

MAC's Patt Davis Memorial Spay/Neuter Fund has now provided 8,355 spay/neuters to pets of low income families in Dallas!

Did you know? Approximately 3 to 4 million animals are euthanized in shelters nationwide. The City of Dallas' two animal shelters euthanized over 22,500 cats and dogs during the last fiscal year. How do we end over population? Very simply - spay/neuter our pets. Spay/Neuter saves lives. Won't you help MAC provide spay/neuters for families who love their pets but cannot afford the cost of the surgery? Find out more on our website at

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Have A Heart Success!

On Sunday afternoon, May 20th, MAC hosted a patio party to honor the pets who raised the most money for our spay and neuter program during our annual Have A Heart Campaign.

Held at Pooch Patio, The Ulti-Mutt Place to Congregate & Socialize with Your Pet, 3811 Fairmont in Dallas, guests enjoyed Java, beer, wine, and munchies while participating in a fabulous Silent Auction.

Our 2007 Canine Queens of Heart, Belle & Peaches and their mom, Pat Rodriguez were honored, along with other special groups and campaign contributors. Peaches & Belle alone raised funds for 53 spay/neuter surgeries by inviting their four-legged friends to contribute!

The 2007 Have A Heart Campaign raised over $ 16,500.00 to help fund MAC's Patt Davis Memorial Spay Neuter Fund for pets of low-income Dallas residents.

Did you know that every three minutes a dog or cat is killed in our Metroplex area (an average of 200,000 healthy animals per year)? We at Metroplex Animal Coalition are trying to preventthis by providing a spay/neuter program for low-income families who cannot afford even basic services for their pet −much less a spay or neuter surgery.

Want to help? Make a donation online now. Just visit our website at